A2 -Class fire rated membranes: TECHNOLOGY IS READY!

By 22 Fevereiro, 2019Fachadas
Facade Fire - Dubai

After the fires in Grenfell Tower at London, UK in 2017 that unfortunately killed over 72 people and injured dozens of others, at Baku Azerbaijan (17 losses), at Dijon France (7 losses), at Shanghai China (53 losses), several fires at Dubai and Australian without losses and many other similar fire episodes, the local authorities decided to act seriously. In the last year regulations were amended, materials were prohibited and plenty of buildings are undergoing re-cladding works.   

Facade Fire - Dubai

Fig.1 Facade Fire – Dubai

Fig.2 Facade Fire – Moscow

Usually high rise buildings require a full-scale mock up tests (as BS8414, NFPA285, ISO13785, etc.) and material combustibility tests (as EN13501, ASTM E84, etc.) to confirm the fire performance of part of façade or if the material is in compliance with legislation. However this tests in most situations are not clear and not arise the in-use real application. In the end, the above tests fail on the evaluation of a fire real scenario as a whole picture and geometry, fuel load, façade perforations, cavities, external factors as wind and many others are not properly considered.     

Therefore, it is imperious that the construction industry develops, as much as possible, solutions with special fire behavior to help designers, specifiers and insurers to have enough confidence to ensure the level of building fire safety that protects the building property, as well as, human lives.

Aligned with the above, Effisus has develop and is introducing in the European market, the EFFISUS Breather FR membrane –  The one and only A2 Class fire rated solution!

Presents a fire resistance, class A2-s1, d0 according to the European Standard EN13501-1:2007+A1:2009. It is a membrane with fiberglass basis (95%), which among other characteristics as high tensile strength, a dimensional stability that does not vary with atmospheric conditions, a high resistance to heat ≈ 1500 °C, excellent chemical resistance and high durability.

Effisus FR, besides its excellent fire resistance, is UV-resistant, windtight and watertight.

3 Effisus FR Membrane

Fig.3 Effisus FR Membrane

4 Effisus FR Membrane – Fire Resistance Demonstration

Fig.4 Effisus FR Membrane – Fire Resistance Demonstration

The following table explains the differences between Effisus FR key features when compared with standard membranes available on the UK market:

Table1. Effisus FR comparison with standard membranes available on the UK market

Facade Membrane market overview
Core Characteristics Market Option (1) Market Option (2) Market Option (3) Effisus FR Effisus FR vs Market Options (%)
Tensile Strength (MD/XD) (N/50mm) 300/290 300/275 220/200 2015/1725 +600 %
Nail tear resistance (L/T) (N) 45/40 180/220 75/75 328/256 +80%
After Ageing Tensile Strength (N/50mm)   240/240 N.I   N.I 2800/2210 +1000%
Resistance to fire Class B Class B Class B Class A2 The one and only A2 Class membrane

N.I. Information not available

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