Effisus AllTiteGutter

Waterproofing liner for gutter repairs

Effisus AllTiteGutter is a waterproofing membrane for the repair of deteriorated gutters. It is a very flexible and self-adhesive EPDM waterproofing membrane, featuring state of the art technology, that brings everlasting sealing security to the most critical parts of the roof – gutters.

A gutter is usually the first area of a roof to get seriously damaged. At the same time it is an area that is quite often difficult to repair with traditional methods or materials – there are limitations of spacing to work, sharp edges, high movements, etc. Effisus AllTiteGutter is the ideal solution to overcome such challenges and assure a waterproofing gutter, with an easy and quick installation method. Details are quickly solved in conjugation with the Effisus Bond FT Tape.

Effisus AllTiteGutter – The waterproofing solution for gutter repairs!

Self-adhesive backing (with protective foil)

Effisus AllTiteGutter

Effisus AllTiteGutter:

  • Self-adhesive EPDM membrane
  • No limitations on dimensions
  • Fully customisable
  • Expected service life of 50 years
  • Service temperature from -30oC to +120oC
  • Permanently flexible
  • Unaffected by permanent contact with water
  • Resistant to structural and thermal expansion
  • No need for soldering or heavy machinery

Solution benefits

  • Universal – Compatible with any gutter dimensions or configuration.
  • Flexible – Fully adapts to sharp edges or closed angles.
  • Durable – Resistant UVs and extreme temperature changes – service life of 50 years.
  • Robust – High elongation capacity – handles structural movement.
  • Easy to install – Self-adhesive membrane and accessories with no need for hot-welding.

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