Organisational Policy

Quality and Innovation are at the core of UP-WAY SYSTEMS/EFFISUS’ business and constitute a clear path towards the continuous improvement of its products and services and towards the satisfaction of its customers. This Organisational Policy aims to ensure that our stakeholders have complete confidence in the Company and in the high-quality solutions it develops for the protection of buildings against atmospheric agents and for efficient sustainability, by:

  • Focusing the Company’s strategy on customer satisfaction and loyalty;
  • Encouraging the quality of its relationships with the various stakeholders through a proximity based on respect, transparency and honesty;
  • Stimulating innovation, seeking to develop new products, research projects and/or methodologies, procedures and actions that generate added value for its business and for its customers;
  • Encouraging and stimulating employees to actively participate in this culture of innovation and research, contributing with new ideas, both in terms of existing projects that can be extended/improved and new projects;
  • Ensuring this culture results in a favourable environment for the creativity and motivation of its employees to constantly increase their knowledge and use this in the service of projects in development;
  • Promoting organisational knowledge and the continuous improvement of employees through training, information and awareness initiatives that allow the development of their individual and technical skills, thus ensuring their commitment to the Organisational Policy;
  • Adopting measures that optimise available resources and increase the Company’s efficiency and competitiveness, ensuring its sustained growth and dominance of the market;
  • Ensure compliance and fulfilment of the requirements applicable to its activity and its products/services.

In order to ensure its appropriateness and effectiveness, the Management of UP-WAY SYSTEMS/EFFISUS undertakes to periodically assess its Organisational Policy, objectives and the Management System implemented.