Efficient Sustainability

Efficient Sustainability

The Effisus solutions combine,  in an innovative and balanced way,  Efficiency and Sustainability, promoting integrated systems with high added value and superior quality.

What will you benefit from an Effisus solution?

  • The best technical solution on the market
  • The most sustainable solutions on the market
  • Fully integrated systems
  • The best technical support on the market
  • The best warranties on the market
  • Certified installation
  • Continuous support and consulting

Effisus Solutions

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Effisus Dimensions

Roof and facade integrated solutions for sealing, waterproofing, thermal and acoustic insulation that will generate superior building energy efficiency. Effisus provides “Building Envelope” solutions  (water, air, heat, light and noise) to maximize performance and lifetime of buildings. Supported by our extensive consulting services, we offer a wide range of solutions and systems for roofs, facades, interiors and foundations.

Why should you choose Effisus?


  • Maximum performance
  • “Cutting edge technology”
  • Superior quality integrated solutions
  • Optimized Project-centered solutions
  • Guaranteed quality of installation
  • Building performance optimization
  • Long-term strategic vision


  • Maximum durability
  • Use of recycled and/or reusable materials
  • Promoting solutions free of harmful chemicals
  • Rational use of natural, technological and financial resources
  • Optimization of building’s environmental performance
  • Long-term strategic vision