Why should you choose EFFISUS Solutions?

Integrated systems that provide superior quality and great added value

Effisus solutions combine, in an innovative and balanced way, Efficiency and Sustainability, promoting integrated systems with high added value and superior quality.

What will you benefit from an Effisus solution?

  • The best technical solution on the market
  • The most sustainable solutions on the market
  • Fully functional integrated systems
  • The best technical support on the market
  • The best guarantees on the market
  • Certified application
  • Continuous technical support

Why should you choose EFFISUS Facade Solutions?

Effisus Ecofacade Envelope

Air tightness and water vapor management facade Integrated system

Effisus Ecofacade

Facade connections waterproofing solution

Effisus Ecork Facade

Air tightness and water vapor management Integrated system for facades with cork insulation

Effisus Ecofacade Braze

Facade connections waterproofing solution with superior fire resistance

Effisus Wallyard

Vertical gardens Integrated system

Why should you choose EFFISUS Innovative Outperforming Solutions?

Effisus Stopper

Penetration's sealing solution for flat roofs

Effisus Stopper MR

Penetration's sealing solution for metal roofs

Effisus Cobra

Penetration's and conection's sealing solution for metal roofs

Effisus Easyrepair

Permanent leakage sealing solutions for roofs and facades

Effisus Titegutter3

Gutter joints sealing solution

Effisus 2Bond DS

Sealing solution between two surfaces or nail/screw perforations

Effisus Bond GF

Sealing solution for irregular configurations

Effisus Sealexpand XTRA

Facade joint sealing solution

Effisus 2Bond GO

Multifunction double-sided butyl-based sealing tape

Effisus EverydaySeal XTRA

Multifunction butyl-based sealing tape