Effisus Stopper

Penetration sealing solution for flat roofs and facades

Effisus Stopper is an innovative solution for sealing penetrations, of any size or configuration, on flat roofs.

The Effisus Stopper system can be installed on the most common roofs: asphaltic membranes, PVC, TPO, EPDM or metal.

Application on sloped, metal roofs also possible.

It is an extremely versatile solution, with precast molds and innovative sealants, quick and easy installation – no need for mechanical fastening and adaptable to any configuration.

It is the quick and easy to install waterproofing solution, with a long-term warranty.

Why should you choose Effisus Stopper?


  • Flexible design, adaptable to any configuration
  • 100% waterproof, resistant to UV’s and ozone
  • Permanently flexible
  • Easy to install. Simple to handle materials and commonly used accessories
  • Supplied in kits for complete installation
  • Technical support to any project


  • Great longevity
  • No maintenance required
  • Sealants without solvents

Effisus Stopper – Penetration sealing solution for flat roofs and facades

System Components

1 – Effisus Multishapper – An innovative, stretchable, flexible and conformable curb NEW

  • Easily shaped by hand into any desired geometry
  • No special tools required for installation
  • “No brainer” – no preliminary operations required
  • No logistic barriers – one product fits all types of penetrations
  • Closed easily in one step
  • Consumption of Effisus Stopper 1-P Sealant highly reduced

Easily closed in one step

Any desired geometry

Connectable elements

2 – Effisus Stopper M-1 – A structural sealant to adhere Effisus Multishapper Curbs

  • 100% waterproof
  • Permanently flexible
  • UV Resistant
  • Does not drip – can be applied vertically

3 – Effisus Stopper 1-P – A self-levelling pourable sealant permanently flexible

  • Self levelling
  • Easily pourable
  • 100% waterproof
  • Permanently flexible
  • Elongation capacity up to 300%
  • UV Resistant

Discover more:

Typical Applications

Crossings on flat roofs

Penetrations on metal roofs

Irregular shaped penetrations

Irregular shaped penetrations

Supporting Information

Product Brochure

Technical Datasheets – Effisus Multishapper

Technical Datasheets – Effisus Stopper 1-P Sealant

Technical Datasheets – Effisus Stopper M-1 Sealant

Installation Instructions

Projects with Effisus Stopper


Cultural Center of Viana do Castelo


Xyami Nova Vida Shopping– Angola


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