Effisus Easyrepair

The ultimate leakage sealing solution for roofs and facades

The Effisus EasyRepair membrane is the innovative, efficient and sustainable solution for permanently sealing leaks. The active facade and roofing sealing technology adhesive ensures superb adhesion to virtually any construction material.

Excellent adhesion to the different construction materials:

  • Polycarbonate
  • Glass
  • Metals
  • Natural stone
  • Concrete
  • Plaster or ceramic

Resistant to UV’s, ozone, air and moisture, as well as extreme temperature variations and endowed with an exceptional chemical compatibility.

The solution that will revolutionize the way customers solve infiltration induced problems.

Ideal for sealing joints on roofs, roof penetrations, skylights, covers, gutters, etc. Very simple to install, no need of any accessory or additional adhesive.

As simple as: Clean the surface, remove the protective foil and apply the membrane!

Why should you choose Effisus Easyrepair?


  • “Cutting Edge Technology”
  • 100% waterproof
  • Exceptional adhesion to the most common materials
  • Ideal for use in extreme industrial environments
  • Adhere to the surface at a molecular level = higher surface adhesion
  • With an embedded primer
  • Resistance to UV’s and flexibility up to -56ºC
  • Application in a single step without the need of accessories
  • Different options for different requirements
  • Ongoing technical support


  • Service-life expectancy superior to 20 years
  • No need for chemical accessories
  • Without solvents
  • Without VOC’s
  • Does not release harmful gases, thus guaranteeing the quality of the air inside the buildings
  • Extremely stable against the action of atmospheric agents

Effisus Easyrepair – The ultimate leakage sealing solution for roofs and facades

Effisus Easyrepair

Effisus Easyrepair

EasyRepair - Bitumen

Application on Asphaltic Membranes

EasyRepair - Polycarbonate

Application on Polycarbonate

EasyRepair - Metal Roof

Application on Metal Roofs

Technology with Active Sealants

The Effisus Membrane EasyRepair uses an innovative technology with active sealants. This technology uses sealants that do not contain double bonds between their carbon atoms, forming an extremely stable molecular structure. Resistant to oxygen, ozone, and extreme continuous temperature variations, it is also extremely tolerant to chemical contact.

By encapsulating a primer, an adhesive that is obtained by “bonding” at a molecular level with the surface on which it is applied, guaranteeing an exceptional adherence to various materials commonly used in construction. Applicable in environments with temperatures between -56ºC and up to +93ºC.


Product Variants

  • Easyrepair – Standard in White, Grey, Black, Tan. Available widths: from 100mm to 1000mm.
  • Easyrepair Paint – With all the benefits of the standard, with additional elongation capacity and flexibility to conform to uneven surfaces. With surface prepared for application of any coating, allowing full customization of the final finish.
  • Easyrepair + – With greater adhesive thickness to ensure a greater adhesion to highly porous’ surfaces.
  • Easyrepair Copper – Copper finish.
  • Easyrepair Alumen – Aluminum finish.

Applications Type


  • 1. Polycarbonates
  • 2. Clading
  • 3. Skylights
  • 4. Flashings
  • 5. Gutters
  • 6.Thresholds
  • 7. Parapets

Supporting Information

Product Brochure

Technical Datasheets

Projects with Effisus Easyrepair

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