Effisus Ecofacade Pre-fab Frames

Pre-fabricated frames for window waterproofing

Effisus Ecofacade Pre-Fab Frames are the outperforming system for a seamless facade-to-window connection sealing job. 

Due to their edges and shapes, sealing window frames has always required a large amount of time, wastes and sealants, but not anymore. Since the frames are customised and pre-fabricated according to each windows, using the Ecofacade Membrane, a time-saving, error-free, long-lasting installation is assured.

With Effisus Ecofacade Pre-Fab Frames, waterproofing windows becomes an efficient and sustainable job. Not only is time saved, but also, the probability of installation errors is eliminated, needed labour is reduced and performance is assured, more than ever.

This solution is available at Effisus NBS Source Profile

Why should you choose Effisus Pre-fab Frames ?  


  • Fully customisable dimensions and configurations
  • Resistant to UVs and ozone
  • Service temperatures from -30ºC e +140ºC
  • Permanently elastic
  • Elongation of up to 300%
  • Both thermal and structural vibration resistance
  • In-factory pre-fabrication and vulcanisation


  • Expected durability of 50 years
  • High impact on the longevity of the building
  • Reduced maintenance requirements
  • Recyclable materials
  • Reduction of wastes by customizing solutions
  • Inspection-friendly

Effisus Ecofacade Pre-fab Frames – Pre-fabricated frames for window waterproofing.

Typical Applications

  • Connections in ventilated facades
  • Connections in curtain walls
  • Connections in pre-fabricated facades
  • Sustainable construction projects

Solution Benefits

  • Cost savings – No overlaps required. Less waste of sealant and adhesive.
  • Robust – High life expectancy, 100% waterproof and UV resistant, vapour tight.
  • Pre-fabrication – Excellent for off-site construction.
  • Predictability – Less human error, more productivity and high quality.
  • Energy efficiency – Improves the air quality of building interior, durability of all the facade components and minimize the condensation risk.
  • Universal – Customizable dimensions and configurations.


The whole system is certified by a Third Party – Cahier des Charges by Socotec

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