White Collar Factory – London

Effisus Project

The White Collar Factory, in the heart of the London’s Technology District, is one of the most ambitious projects to be built. It’s a vibrant community of successful start-ups and established digital corporations.

The development comprises six new constructions, including the remodelling of two buildings. The location is set by the White Collar Factory office tower. Behind the tower, there will be a new public area, surrounded by five office buildings, restaurants and nine apartments.

Revolutionizing the workplace, the concept of designing new office buildings inside industrial spaces, is based on the principles of reducing lighting, heating and cooling, allowing maximum flexibility and adaptability, allied with excellent decoration and design.

In this project, the Effisus Breather+ breathable membrane was chosen in order to assure the façade’s watertightness, whilst also permitting aeration of its components, such as the insulation boards.

Installed Solutions

Effisus Breather+