Royal Wharf

Effisus Project

Royal Wharf is a new massive regeneration project developing a 38-acre site on the banks of the River Thames with over 3000 new homes, infrastructure, commercial and amenity facilities. Development by Oxley Holdings Limited and designed by an internationally renowned team lead by Glenn Howells Architect.

A £1bn investment will re-instate the Royal Docks as a commercial and trading centre for the 21st century.

The  Effisus Ecofacade Envelope System and its Effisus Ecofacade Membranes, Effisus Breather+ Membranes, Effisus VapX Membranes and accessories, was chosen to address weatherproofing and air sealing requirements on facade cladding systems.

Installed Solutions

Effisus Ecofacade Envelope

Effisus Breather+

Effisus Vap X