Belarus Pavilion Expo 2020, Dubai

Effisus Project

EXPO 2020 Dubai is an international event bringing together private companies, NGOs and government institutions, with the purpose of discussing important topics such as the importance of technology, sustainability, culture and economy.

The theme of the Belarus Pavilion will be “Forest of the future technologies” because the forest represents a natural heritage of Belarus, with a unique European forest area, that has been preserved in Belarus territory. The forest symbolizes the unity of multiple individuals, making them stronger altogether, which is related with the EXPO 2020 main theme “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”. 

The architect that has been developing this project is NÜSSLI Adunic AG, with the purpose of “metaphor images inspired by forest and everything that entails.”

Effisus Bond FT was applied in order to seal flashing details, on metal roofs.

Applied Solutions

Effisus Bond FT