Luanda Arena

Effisus Project

The Luanda Arena, is a state-owned multi-purpose indoor arena in Angola. Construction of the 30 000 m2 infrastructure took only nine months and fifteen days. The arena has a seating capacity for 12 720 people and includes a variety of features that make it the most advanced in Africa. The arena is known for several events, including basketball, handball, roller hockey and volleyball.  With the arena’s removable stands, it is possible to increase  the field area from 2 000 m2 to 3 490 m2 , whilst losing 2 838 seating spaces. Due to the heavy rain periods during  Winter and Spring, and high temperatures throughout the year, having a 100% weatherproof roof was a top priority.

Luanda Arena – Angola

Installed Solutions

Effisus Ecoroof

Integrated system for flat roof waterproofing