Effisus VapX Membrane

1-layer vapour control layer (VCL)

Effisus VapX Membrane is a one-ply vapour control layer (VCL) for roofs, facades, dry and general construction indoors in order to build an airtight barrier for the protection of construction according with DIN 4108.

The carefully selected raw material assures superior ageing resistance, dimensional stability, length and crosswise as well as high rip resistance. The sd value of 100m effectively prevents the building of condensate in the areas of insulated construction.

If you’re working on a project with fire rated demands, please visit our A2 Class Fire rated weatherproofing vapour barrier (VCL) – Effisus Vapour FR System

Why should you choose Effisus VapX Membane?


  • Vapor tight (Sd=100m)
  • Windtight
  • Superior ageing resistance
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Integrated component of the Effisus Ecofacade System


  • High impact on building longevity
  • Promotes indoor air quality and users health
  • Reduced maintenance needs
  • Recyclable Membranes
  • Non-solvent accessories
  • Reduction of wastes by customizing solutions

Effisus VapX – 1-layer vapour control layer (VCL)


Effisus Adjoin GS – Superior adhesion tape for sealing VCL membranes overlaps
Effisus 2Bond GO – Double-sided butyl tape with exceptional adhesiveness.
Effisus 2Bond DS – Double-sided tape with active sealants technology for sealing perforations or penetrations on Effisus Breather Membranes.
Effisus Tight Rings – Highly elastic grommets for sealing cables or pipes penetrations on VCL or breather membranes.

Typical Applications

  • Effisus Ecofacade Envelope System
  • Roofs
  • Wood construction
  • Metal construction
  • Curtain walls
  • Rainscreen cladding

Supporting Information

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