Effisus Bolt Protect

The ideal solution for sealing bolt hole leaks

Effisus Bolt Protect is an innovative solution for sealing and repairing bolt holes in metal roofs, preventing leaks permanently.

The high elasticity of the membrane allows it to absorb structural movements of the metal panel without any difficulty. It features a rubber capsule that ensures a perfect fit onto the bolt and the excellent elongation of the membrane adapts completely to the surrounding area.

It uses simple accessories, making installation quick and easy.

Why should you choose Effisus Bolt Protect?

Superior formability capacity

  • Excellent formability to fit any metal panel
  • Proven peel & stick technology
  • No torch or liquid adhesives

Exceptional performance

  • 100% waterproof
  • Resistant to UV’s and moisture
  • Absorbs movement
  • Durable

Typical Applications

  • Loose bolt
  • Rust fastener
  • Bolt out of tightness

Solution Benefits

  • Universal – Adaptable to fit any panel configuration
  • Resistant – Resistant to high temperature, UV’s and moisture.
  • Durable – Handles structural movements.
  • Flexible – Permanent flexibility with high elasticity.
  • Easy to install – Easy to handle materials and common use accessories.

Supporting Information

Technical Data Sheet

Product Brochure

Installation Instructions

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