Aykon City

Effisus Project

Designed for a new generation of residents, Aykon City is an upcoming development by Damac Properties, that will be located in the heart of Business Bay, Dubai. The development will be home to an impressive mix of residential units, hotel rooms, and office space.

The mixed-use development, situated right next to some of the popular landmarks will offer stunning views of the adjoining areas. Thematically, the building with a modern design and architecture will make its presence felt by changing the shape of the Dubai skyline. The state-owned contractor has deployed biometric scanners on site for employee safety and security, and it is using a laser level to eradicate blockwork mistakes. Damac’s project manager for Aykon City tells he is impressed that the slab cycle has been reduced from 10 days to six, helping to ensure the first two towers will be completed in 2021.

Fire safety was a priority on this project. It was used the Effisus Vapour FR Membrane, that works as a vapour control layer, protecting the building from condensation risk and improving the airtightness and consequently the energy efficiency, and the Effisus Bonding KF+P Adhesive, an innovative bonding solvent free, with exceptional properties of adhesiveness, waterproofing and UV resistance.

Aykon City

Applied Solutions

A1 Fire Rated AVCL Membrane

Effisus Bonding KF+P Adhesive