London Wall Place – London

Effisus Project

London Wall Place is a new development, with more than 500.000m2, located in the heart of London, between Moorgate and Barbican. This development is comprised by two commercial buildings and will add a large green area to the city. The largest building has about 300.000m2 and rises to a height of 12 floors, and the remaining building, with about 12.000m2, has 16 floors. Both are encased using steel, concrete and glass, having green roofs as a compliment for the surrounding green areas..

One of this project’s unique characteristics is the creation of its steel structures, walkways in height that will link the buildings, whilst also having a path for public access. For this project’s façade weatherproofing, three Effisus solutions were used: Effisus VAP (vapour barrier), Effisus Breather+ (breathable membrane) and Effisus 2Bond DS (double-sided solution for sealing between two surfaces). With this, the façade’s watertightness is ensured, the ventilation of its various components is possible, and vapour transfers are stopped.

Installed Solutions

Effisus 2Bond DS

Sealing solution between two surfaces or nail/screw perforations

Effisus Breather+

Breathable membrane with 3-layers

Effisus VapX

1-layer vapour control layer (VCL)