Jardins do Braço de Prata

Effisus Project

Jardins do Braço de Prata is an architecture and urban project authored by Renzo Piano, winner of the Pritzker Prize, to be conducted in a privileged location in Lisbon, with a view over the Tagus River, between the neighborhood of Alfama and Parque das Nações.

The project is built on the historic and industrial region of Fábrica do Braço de Prata and has, as its source of inspiration, the memory of the place itself. Conducting a full-fledge requalification of such area, the intent is to turn it into a flagship of the city of Lisbon, proposing a new perspective on its industrial past and tradition. The façades abide by a line of industrial inspiration with tiles.

The Effisus Stopper system and the Effisus 2Bond DS solution were both used for this project seal penetrations in flat roofs, and ensure the watertight properties of joints between different surfaces, respectively.

Installed Solutions

Effisus Stopper

Penetration sealing solution for flat roofs and facades

Effisus 2Bond DS

Sealing solution between two surfaces or nail/screw perforations