Hospital da Luz – Lisbon

Effisus Project

The Hospital da Luz, that belongs to the Luz Saúde Group – one of the largest health care groups in the Portuguese market – is the main hospital unit of the Luz Saúde group in the Centro area.

This unit underwent an expansion project, with an overall investment of around 100 million euros, now having twice the capacity: 400 beds, 23 surgery and delivery rooms and 110 examination and treatment rooms. The new building also has the Training Center, Research and Innovation, including also a modern medical simulation center, where Hospital da Luz Lisboa will reinforce its vocation as a research hospital, university education and advanced medical training.

The expansion project of Hospital da Luz in Lisbon has the signature of the Risco architecture studio, in partnership with the Catalans of Pinearq.

For this expansion project, Effisus has contributed with the following solutions:

  • Effisus Ecofacade – protection of building facade’s connections, against potential infiltration, maximizing energy and acoustic efficiency.
  • Effisus Bonding KF+P adhesive – an innovative, solvent-free adhesive, with exceptional adhesive properties, impermeability and UV resistance, allowing complete freedom of work.
  • Effisus 2Bond GO – a bi-adhesive tape for sealing multiple connections in new projects or renovations.

Hospital da Luz – Lisboa

Installed Solutions

Effisus Ecofacade

Effisus Bonding KF+P Adhesive

Effisus 2Bond GO