Alcalá 546, Madrid

Alcalá 544 and Alcalá 546 are two buildings under development with a total area of 37.200 square meters for rent, spread across 5 floors and surrounded by gardens and terraces. Both buildings are LEED B+C Platinum certified to guarantee their green credentials.
Alcalá 546, located at 546 Calle Alcalá in Madrid, was designed by the architecture firm Fenwick Iribarren and should open in the first trimester of 2023.
The complex is near both the centre of Madrid and Madrid Airport, directly opposite the Torre Arias Metro station. It will house open-plan offices, large rooftop terraces, underground parking and shops

Effisus, in partnership with Martifer, participated in the project, supplying our Ecofacade Membrane. The membrane was applied to waterproof the interfaces between the windows and the structure of the building, thus ensuring water and airtightness of all facade element connections, and maximizing energy efficiency by protecting the building from potential water damage.

Applied Solution

Effisus Ecofacade