Sparkles Tower – Dubai

The SparkleTowers in the Dubai Marina are the result of a collaboration between the local developer Tebyan and Swarovski, the world leader in cut crystal and decorative lighting.

The project consists of two residential towers, joined by a horizontal volume, with domes in the form of crystal, offering luxurious interior spaces. The architecture will be superbly enhanced by 1,700 exterior lights that fade in and out in an impressive sequence, and reflects the aesthetics of its Swarovski-studded interiors.

For this project Effisus has contributed with the Effisus Ecofacade solution for waterproofing the connections on facades and the Effisus Bonding KF + P Adhesive, an innovative solvent-free, waterproof and UV resistant adhesive.

Applied Solutions

Effisus Ecofacade

Facade connections waterproofing solution

Effisus Bonding KF+P Adhesive

Solvent free adhesive for Effisus Ecofacade Membranes