Effisus Breather B

Breathable membrane for standard applications

 Breathable membrane made of a special polypropylene microfiber for moisture management and protection of the façade against damp, promoting its thermal efficiency and protection against condensations.

The Effisus Breather B Membrane has optimal ageing resistance and thermal stability properties, protecting the façade and thermal insulation against wind and damp. The existence of a large range of accessories allows its installation on the most demanding project requirements. Suitable for facades with closed joints.

Why should you choose Effisus Breather B Membrane?


  • Permeable to water vapor
  • Water and wind tight
  • Outdoor exposure for up to 3 months
  • Lightweight and black colored – invisible on the façade
  • Integrated component of the Effisus Ecofacade System


  • High impact on building longevity
  • Promotes indoor air quality and user health
  • Reduced maintenance needs
  • Recyclable Membranes
  • Non-solvent accessories
  • Reduction of wastes by customizing solutions
  • Redução de desperdícios através da customização de soluções

Effisus Breather B – Breathable membrane for standard applications



Effisus 2Adjoin DF –  Double-sided adhesive tape for fastening breather membranes to the facade structure
Effisus Adjoin TI – Flexible tape for sealing breather membranes overlaps or other details
Effisus 2Bond GO – Double-sided butyl tape with exceptional adhesiveness.
Effisus 2Bond DS – Double-sided tape with active sealants technology for sealing perforations or penetrations on Effisus Breather Membranes.
Effisus Tight Rings – Highly elastic grommets for sealing cables or pipes penetrations on VCL or breather membranes

Typical Applications

  • Effisus Ecofacade Envelope System
  • Curtain walls with closed joints
  • Facades with closed rainscreen cladding

Solution benefits

  • Multifunction – Permeable to water vapor, wind and damp tight.
  • Resistant – Resistant to movement, thermal variations and continuous contact with moisture.
  • Universal – Complies with the different project requirements.
  • Complete system – Complete range of accessories for any project need.
  • Easy to install – No need for special tools.

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