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By 9 April, 2020Connect to Value, Effisus

Dear customer and business partner. As you know, being close to our customers it is the key motivation at Effisus daily activities.

At Effisus we deeply believe being in close contact with you is the only way to truly understand your needs, the only way we may be able to fully understand the requirements and particularities of each project, and only by doing such we will be able to better understand and integrate the constrains and limitations of each situation. At Effisus we are driven by the purpose of adding value to each process and confidently contribute to the success of each project and each organization, your success at the end of the day!

On the following of what we have been doing ever since, with the daily interaction with you, it is our absolute pleasure to announce the launch of our new online customer’s interaction channel, the Effisus – Connect to Value Channel.

The Effisus – Connect to Value

A virtual space, although fully personal, in a livestream and interactive format. An online space, nonetheless proactively promoting dialogue and interpersonal dynamic on its best. A virtual space where building construction professionals meet and debate ideas and concepts, where real jobsite situations are screened and discussed to generate innovative and outperforming weatherproofing solutions for your roof and façade projects.

In recent times, we have experienced how dynamic and unpredictable life can become from one day to the other.  In parallel, we do have this unique opportunity to more than adapt to the changes, to embrace change in a proactive way, exploring every opportunity adversity brings towards us.

This being said, we at Effisus are simply doing what we did ever since; prioritizing close contact to our customers and partners, with the same mission and motivation, just in a slightly different format, leveraged on modern technologies and seizing this great value not available before.

If previously we have been in contact with you primarily at the office, at the jobsite or sometimes at the production plant, with the new Effisus – Connect to Value virtual space, we are doing our best to keep all those benefits and add a new set of advantages. It is our strong ambition to create an impactful and valuable resource to you, aiming to leverage Effisus value on your projects and on your business.

We know it is possible and we believe it is attainable!

Let’s have a look on what the new space will bring to you:

  • A daily agenda
  • A different theme, different projects, and applications; every day
  • Project-related and project relevant topics on discussion
  • At least an Effisus Market Rep and an Effisus Technical Rep attending each session
  • The forum inputs, feedback and expertise will be at your description at any time
  • Your inputs and feedback will enhance the forum knowledge and expertise level
  • Available in three main languages (EN / ES and PT)

Do you want to gather more details, to find agenda details and book your seat? You just need to follow the instructions here:


Adding this initiative to our customer interaction portfolio, it is our ambition to strengthen our daily interactions program with you. Today more than ever we feel the need and the opportunity to be closer to you and to your team, contributing to the path of building a long-term sustainable cooperation with you.

It is truly a pleasure to cooperate with you and your team.

Thank you very much for your trust.

We count on you! You can count on us!


Pedro Carvalho

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